stripes! in front of a tree

I’ve been terrible about keeping this blog updated, my apologies! (Other people with access: please post! And if you don’t have access and want it, comment and let me know!)

What you see above is a photo of my most recent yoked sweater, Stripes!, which I blogged about in detail here. Several people have inquired about whether I would make Stripes! into a pattern, and put it up for sale. I have to admit that I am somewhat hesitant to do this. Not because I don’t want other people to knit it up…I’d actually be quite giddy if tons of people were walking around in stripey yoked sweaters! It’s more that I feel like my sweater is, when it comes down to it, just such a basic yoked sweater that it’s hardly worth pattern-izing. Yes, my basic yoked sweater diverges in a few key ways from the classic EZ one that originally inspired it, and there are some particular techniques that make Stripes! look the way it looks, but it’s still just a basic yoked sweater.

But then I had an idea. What if I worked through the numbers for a few sizes, but then wrote up the pattern as more of a yoked sweater tutorial? A pattern where the whys and hows and which number do I use wheres of knitting a yoked sweater, generally, are worked out in detail, in which the goal is to leave the reader with the ability to construct a yoked sweater of their own, with whatever mods they’d like? I realize this already exists in at least one form: namely, the EZ books I learned from. But would people like to read about it in the context of Stripes!? Because I do so love explaining things and teaching things to people, and since I appear to have become something of a yoked sweater evangelist (which is terribly funny if you know me well!), I think it might be a really great way to introduce people to the construction. What do y’all think? What would be a reasonable price for such a thing? (If it’s “free”, I’ll be honest…I don’t have loads of free time and might not find the time to put into making a nice pattern/tutorial, not because I’m mean and selfish, but because it’s a lot of work!). I’m open to suggestions!